Making real estate decisions a delight, not a chore


I take pride in my work because my clients show such a strong pride of ownership when it comes to their homes. My process is at once smooth and exciting, detail-oriented and creative, efficient and deeply rewarding.


The home should be the treasure chest of living.
— Le Corbusier


Los Angeles Living

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Getting to know me...





Susan brings over 30 years of marketing, media and sales experience to the world of real estate. Her expertise with helping clients through the process of buying and selling in the corporate world made her transition seamless to residential real estate consultation. She has found that her love of sales is much more about the social interaction – getting to know people better and helping them fulfill needs – than the business elements. That said, her years of transactional expertise help to create a high-quality, professional experience that reduces stress, produces satisfaction, and helps people she cares about find the home of their dreams or sell one making a dream become reality!


Susan is a community activist and utilizes her management and marketing skills to bring opposing sides together.


Susan graduated from Northern Arizona University with a B.S. in Business Administration - emphasis Marketing. Her first job in the advertising industry was working for Jerry Della Femina - famous for marketing difficult products. Prior to becoming a Realtor, she spent the next 30 years working as a sales director for media companies such as Viacom (MTV Networks, Nickelodeon, Paramount and CBS), Time, Inc. (People, Sunset, Fortune, etc.), The Los Angeles Times and Harvard Business Review. Her negotiating skills are top notch and she has an innate understanding of how to price.

The move from Phoenix to Los Angeles felt temporary until she reared her children in the city. She is now a true Angeleno and has found joy in becoming an advocate for her Carthay community and volunteering at local non-profits.

As an experienced real estate investor, Susan has bought and sold multiple residences for herself and has a great understanding of what it is like for a person to either buy or sell a house.


Nothing will work unless you do
— Maya Angelou


Professional Associations (DRE# 01965277):

·       National Association of REALTORS®

·       California Association of REALTORS®

·       Beverly Hills/GLAA of REALTORS®

·       THINK LA Advertising Association

·       P.I.C.O. NC, Prior Land Use & Board Member

·       Steering Committee Co-President, Carthay Square NA

Personal Information:

·       Proud mother of two adult children

·       Carthay Square resident for 30 plus years

·       Community and school supporter

·       Marketing consultant


Learn more...

I can't stress how important is it to know a lot about a person you will intimately work with for the next three to six months. Your realtor is your friend, confidant, supporter, information source, shield, consultant, philosopher, therapist and hard-driving deal maker. Not many agents give you the chance to interview them prior to the first connection. Check me out...see what you think!

Video - Family

Who you are is a culmination of all the people who impacted your life. I have been incredibly lucky. My parents instilled a good work ethic, taught me to give back and to stand up for what I believe. I hope I gave the same gift in return to my children.

video - why bhhs?

When I was starting my second career I wanted to bring a strength from my first career - the representation of a strong brand - to real estate. I was successful at that when I joined the Beverly Hills office. When you have the choice, why not go with a leader?

video - listening

Listening is everything. Those who can't listen will miss what is most important to their clients and will not get them what they want. It seems so simple, but to some it is really hard. When you have listened to your clients they will in turn listen to you!

What people say ...

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Susan was creative in finding homes that matched my needs because she listened and had great resources. As we viewed homes, Susan answered my questions fully and honestly, and if she didn't have an answer, she found one. She is resourceful, smart, and networked; she knows brokers, home evaluators,  and has a good rapport with folks both inside and outside of her own company. Susan was an advocate and took a great many steps to make sure that my concerns were voiced with follow-through. All through the process, Susan was non-judgmental and let me decide what I wanted, yet she let me know if something didn't seem right with a house or an offer. I cannot recommend her more highly.” Carrie Saetermoe, CSUN Professor

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"From the moment I met Susan Sanford, my hunt for a real estate agent was over.  She was smarter than everybody else I interviewed, with both an amazing marketing approach, and a willingness to listen, then do her research to make her clients’ needs a reality. Less than three weeks preparation including an amazing marketing and exposure program, and then only one open house, we had a hard bid! A few days of negotiating, and Susan closed the deal, at a price that made all the parties very happy. I will be looking for something else to buy in the very near future. I do not need to interview real estate agents again. After my experience with Susan, I wouldn't consider working with anybody else."   Laura Silverman, Beading Specialist



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"A while back I'd noticed that a gal on NextDoor was a Realtor and offhandedly asked if she works with people looking for rentals. I had a feeling what my husband and I were planning to search for would be hard to find, and figured we could use all the help we could get. We have one dog, two rabbits  and wanted a fenced yard of a sort... also, air conditioning because anyone who says you don't need A/C in LA is just kidding themselves. Susan searched the MLS (which lists rentals, who knew? not me!) and other sites for units that met our requirements. When I ran across something myself, I forwarded it on. She contacted property managers to confirm things important to us (pet policy, appliances included, etc) and grouped times for us to visit the apartments, in most cases joining us for them. She did all the back-and-forth with property managers saving us SO much time and frustration. I'm a Type A, organized person but having Susan tee things up was really helpful. Perhaps even more importantly - she notices red flags that even the most experienced, observant renters might overlook. You'd LIKE to think that you'd notice dog poo all over a property but I'm telling you, if you desperately want a fenced grassy yard, it's easy to only notice the grass and overlook the poo. And as a bonus, as a prospective tenant, YOU don't have to point out or ask the property manager about things like the aforementioned dog poo. SHE does - politely and professionally, so you still come off smelling like a rose, and that continues through the end of the process. It gets better. Should you find a rental that's listed on the MLS (a LOT are – especially smaller buildings), the owner pays Susan 2.5% of a year's rent, out of your deposit, In other words, the renter pays nothing! Alternatively, if she helps you get into a rental not listed on the MLS, you pay the 2.5%. Though most places we saw were on the MLS, the place we chose wasn't (luck of the draw), so we paid the 2.5% - happily even! Never did I get the impression that we were getting a lesser degree of attention as renters. And if/when we ever buy (ignore the pigs flying) we'll go straight to Susan. I'm sure that's part of the rationale for her services for renters and it makes sense. She's sharp as a tack, observant, organized and genuinely dedicated."   Angie Cibis, Designer, large Missions Systems provider


“I enlisted my good friend Susan to help me quickly find a family home in the San Fernando Valley. She immediately catered to my every need and cooperatively we found THE house that is now our home. Whenever I needed anything she was there…and still is! Susan is service-oriented, works smartly and efficiently, and used her business sense to help me make the right decisions. I highly recommend her as a great real estate agent."  Jaci Warren, President, Automotive After-market Company


“I have had the pleasure of having Susan Sanford represent me in a number of real estate transactions over the past few months. Susan is a true professional – prepared, honest, tough, and experienced. I have always felt that she has had our best interest at heart – even if that meant a transaction didn’t close because it was the right thing for her client. Her advice over the past few months has been spot on.  She seems to know when to make an aggressive offer and when to play it safe.  When working with other brokers she never offends but is clear that she is speaking on behalf of, and for, her clients. Susan has an excellent knowledge and eye for the Los Angeles real estate market. Being new to the area she will be my ‘go-to’ realtor from here on out. I highly recommend Susan Sanford and the services she offers."  David Wolfe, President, Software Company



“I have been working with Susan on the sale of my house and purchase of a new one. This process can be intimidating and emotional. Susan has a knack for diffusing the stress of change. She has been attentive to my requests from the very start. Susan makes me feel like I am her best and only client! I highly recommend her as your first choice of real estate agents."  Arlene Schuster-Goss, Casting Director



"Susan was very knowledgeable and diligent, and she went to great lengths to help me find a house that would meet my needs and wants. If I were shopping for a house again, I would use her services again. She previewed lots of houses before taking me to see them; she listened carefully to my reactions and concerns; she was candid about issues with any particular property; and she accommodated my schedule. She also helped me with assessing the community, the neighborhood, and with trades people."  - Camille Goulet, Law Professor



“Susan has been an incredible resource in helping me research what areas of Los Angeles have potential for me with my budget. She has uncovered neighborhoods I would have never considered and come up with solutions to some of my financial hurdles which made buying a house a real option for me. Susan is quick to make stuff happen, thorough, and enthused about the process which makes working with her a true pleasure.”  Gabrielle Yuro, Producer



“Susan made the buying process so easy. I have bought several homes in the past and this was the easiest transaction that I have ever been through. Anytime there were tough issues to work though on the seller side, Susan was able to negotiate and find a resolution that everyone was happy with.   Susan truly cared about what was best for our family and found us the house of our dreams within our budget.”  Justin Antony, Director, major social media company



"Susan is a real trooper! She got me through the rough stuff (inspections, failed escrows, FHA buyers, etc.) even while she was out of the country! We worked very well together and now I consider her a friend."  Leslie Rampulla, Children's Book Author

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"Susan worked with me to find and purchase a home on the Peninsula in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since she does most of her work in Southern California, she teamed with an agent here to ensure everything went smoothly. But she did the majority of the legwork. My experience with Susan was excellent. Start to finish we found a house and closed on it in two months! We made one failed offer and were successful on the second one. Susan is very good at both the soft skills (e.g., working with the selling agents, understanding my needs and setting expectations) and the hard skills (e.g., loan management, disclosures, paperwork, process). I highly recommend her as your agent."  Sally Shepard, CHRO, Engineering Company



"Susan is an amazing real estate agent. She truly cares about her clients, is amazingly attentive, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I could not recommend her more highly; if you don't work with her to find your next home or investment property, you're crazy!” Nikita Buryn, Procurement Manager



“Susan is a total gem in this crazy SoCal real-estate market. Never backs down from a challenge and always positive. Susan sold a piece of raw land in one weekend for me and then took on the monumental task (I'm cheap) of finding me and my wife a home. I couldn't recommend her more and she will be my real-estate agent for life.” Dustin Scholl, Senior Visual Effects Compositor




I count my wealth in friends as opposed to money. Community means a lot to me. While raising kids and working long hours we sometimes take friendships for granted. They exist, and seem constant, but as you age friends move, get new jobs, change their kids' school or blend families. One day your kids are adults and have left home and with them seemed to go many of your friendships. Becoming a realtor in the "third phase of life", as I call it, enabled me to begin new relationships in the workplace, with clients, in my neighborhood, and the surrounding ones. I cherish the long-lived friendships and rejoice in the newborn ones. Social media allows us to keep up with both!

Work Life...Life's Work

enjoy each and every day!

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth
— Muhammad Ali

Community at large...

We can all stay so much closer with those we don't get a chance to see each week, each month...sometimes each year. Our connections are longer and closer today and I delight in detailed events big and small!


My Personal Community...

carthay square (steering committee)

I have lived in Carthay Square for over 28 years. I am a huge fan of all the Carthays and the surrounding communities. I am proud to be a member of the Neighborhood Association Steering Committee and work with long-time and newer residents to strengthen our neighborhood bonds.

P.I.c.o. nc (land use committee)

After almost a year as a Board Member and Communications Director of the P.I.C.O. NC (Neighborhood Council for 11 neighborhoods) I realized it is Land Use issues that most concern me. LA is growing fast and neighborhoods are being forced to change. We help neighbors get involved in the process so they can help to manage that change.



Do something good...

In the fall of 2017 my family and I decided to combine efforts with Michelle Menna (neighbor and Realtor) to collect donations in the neighborhood for the 3rd Annual Carthay THANKSgiving Food Drive supporting the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. We placed door hangers on almost every door, put collection boxes on our porches, and went to neighbor's homes to collect bags. The three Carthay's gave almost 400 lbs of food plus a $100 donation to those less fortunate. I am proud to be a neighbor!  

fall 2018...

We will again collect food for the LA Food Bank in the fall. The Meals on Wheels program needs to be approved by their Board which is challenging. When achieved we will specifically help residents of the Carthay communities via a Meals of Wheels fund drive. Support our LA Food Bank effort next fall. Thank you!